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2019/2020 4C’s PRINTS (Updated 09/15/19)


This is a summary of the info for the print competition. The Gold Book has the complete rules and is available on the website at The Gold Book - Updated September 2018

2019 Update: Prints may be entered unmounted but MUST be mounted (fixed to a hard, lightweight backing like mat board or foam core) for invitational and call back competitions.


PRINT COMPETITION:  Print Competition includes all prints, whether made by traditional methods, on digital printers and/or in digital cameras and/or commercially made prints.  All will be competing equally in this category.


SCORING SCALE:  Judging clubs will score prints based on a scale of 1 to 9 points with no half points, and no comments given.


ENTRIES:  In each size class (Large and 96 Square) Each month clubs may enter up to five images from five different members of the club unless there are fewer than five individuals entering that month, in which case two images per individual is allowed.  [Note that individuals belonging to more than one 4Cs member club may enter images in two of those clubs in which they hold membership, but no more than two images total, regardless of how many 4Cs clubs that individual belongs to].  This is an individual & club competition with a restriction on number of prints from a given club and therefore the club generally determines which prints are submitted.

Images that have received an award (Award of Merit or Honorable Mention) in any previous 4C’s competition year are not eligible to be re-entered at any time in the same Division/Class.


LARGE PRINT DIMENSIONS:  Prints, with mounts and/or mattes, must be greater than 96 square inches and cannot exceed 16x20 inches.  These dimensions include both the image and its matte when a matte is used.  The minimum print size must be at least 80-square inches and include a mount with a minimum size that makes it larger than 96-square inches.


96 SQUARE PRINT DIMENSIONS:  Prints and/or mounts must have a minimum size of 35-square inches and may not exceed 96 square inches (with the longest dimension not exceeding 20 inches).


AWARDS:  Awards of Merit will be given to the prints scoring in the top 10%, and three prints will receive honorable mention awards.  (This is referred to as the “10% plus 3” rule.)


LABELS AND FORMS:  The competing club print chairs or print makers are responsible for affixing entry labels completely filled out to the back of the prints with the label positioned to indicate the top of the print, prior to sending them to the judging club. 

All prints must be clearly identified with the following on the back of the mount (this identification should be written in alignment with the viewing position, top side up):

a)       Category and Class that image will compete in (example: Monochrome / 96 square)

b)      Title (example: "My Best Image")

c)       Entrant’s Full Name and Address (example: Joe A. Photographer / 1234 Any Street, Sometown, USA 00000)

d)      Entrant’s Affiliate Organization’s Name (example: IdOreWashCal Camera Club)

One completed submission sheet should accompany each shipping container.  The club name should be written on the outside of the shipping container.


PRESENTATION/SHIPPING:  Ship prints so they are received by the First of the Month. Please include in the shipment, the return postage (in stamp form) and return address label, for return shipping from the judging club.  In addition, please consider not using plastic coverings that have sticky closing flaps – it is possible that stickiness will damage prints during handling.  Please apply a label to the plastic coverings to ensure the correct photo is returned into the correct covering.  Do NOT use anything but the US Postal Service, not everyone has access to other shipping services.


MATTING/MOUNTING:  Prints may be entered unmounts but All prints must be mounted (fixed to a hard, lightweight backing like mat board or foam core) if they are entered into Invitational competition or called back for end of year. No frames allowed.


MAKE-UP ENTRIES:  If you miss the deadline getting your prints to the judging club you must contact the 4C’s Print Chair before sending them to another club for judging.

If, for some good reason (as determined by the 4C’s Competition Chair), a Members Club’s images are not available to the judging club in time for the scheduled judging a make-up entry may be made within two months. These images must be sent to the judging club for the current month, NOT to the judging club for the missed month. Make-up images are not eligible for awards (unless circumstances dictate otherwise as determined by the 4C’s Competition Chair). Entries that miss the May judging are just plain out of luck and will not be judged. (Page 17 of the Gold Book.)


Thank you, enjoy the year.


Linda Johnson

Color Print Chair

Charlie Boos
Monochrome Print Chair
If you are sending in your images, you will need the following:


If you are the Print Chair for your club, you should have a login and password for this website.


The login will give you access to documents that have sensitive information, judging club contact name, address, email, etc.  


If you do not have your login information please Email the 4C's Webmaster at webmaster @ or by clicking Email Membership

Expect approximately 12 to 15 club print boxes for a total of 50 to 70 images for each print size.



All documents for print chairs is available on the website or by following the links below (login required)

2019-2020 Color Prints Judging Schedule (log in required)



1.   Please discuss these guidelines with judges prior to each judging.

2.   It is recommended to mix the print order when judging, so not all of one club is judged together.

3.   If there is more than a two-point split in judging scores, you must stop and have the judges discuss their image assessment and rescore until there is no longer a spread greater than 2 points.


JUDGING SHEETS: Use Judging Score Sheets Printable or Judging Score Sheet Excel Format (whichever works best for you) One for 96 Square and one for Large prints.

  1. Record each judge’s score and the total score of all three judges.
  2. Indicate award placement: Award of Merit (AM) or Honorable Mention (HM).  (See below for number of awards given).
  3. Record Large and 96 Square scores separately as these are two separate competitions.
  4. Make sure that titles, photographer’s name, scores and placements are legible.  If a print has no title, give it one that is descriptive of the subject matter and write it in pencil on the back of the print.
  5. Send judging results electronically back to each club that submitted prints. You can put a hard copy in the box when you return the prints but you still need to send them electronically.
  6. Finally, return ALL judging results for color images electronically to Linda Johnson at or Monochrome images to Charlie Boos at  The chair will send ribbons out to each club upon receiving results from the judging club.

AWARDS: 10% Awards of Merit and 3 Honorable Mentions

The number of awards should follow the “10% plus 3 Rule”.  To determine the number of AMs awarded, multiply the number of entries by 0.1 and round up.  If you have tied scores for AMs, please re-judge those prints.  Award 3 HMs regardless of number of entries.

Example Calculations: If you have 72 entries in the Large category, award 8 AMs (72 x 0.1 = 7.2 rounding up to 8), plus 3 HMs.  If you have 48 entries in 96 Square, award 5 AMs (48 x 0.1 = 4.8 rounding to 5), plus 3 HMs.

Good luck in this year’s competition.  Please contact the chairs with questions or concerns. 


Linda Johnson

Color Print Chair

Charlie Boos
Monochrome Print Chair