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Convention Hotel

The Riverside Hotel ( has a block of rooms reserved for the 4Cs with the room rate of $167 per night ($189 with tax). It’s a small block and they will release any remaining rooms on August 20th. The rate for rooms outside the block are substantially higher, so if you want to stay at the convention hotel it is advisable to make your reservations early: (208) 343-1871.

The Presenters


Ian Plant -

We are delighted to present Ian as the keynote speaker. If you have been a reader of Outdoor Photographer then you have seen Ian’s work, and he is a veteran presenter from conferences like Out of Chicago and KelbyOne.  Ian will be making two presentations, kicking off Saturday with "Super-Wide Photography" and wrapping up the afternoon with the keynote, "Making a Connection: Telling Stories with your Images."



Harold Hall -
Harold started as a landscape photographer, traveling extensively after retiring from corporate banking and picking up the Photographer of the Year award from New Mexico Magazine in 2011.  Wanting to stay in photography but step away from the social media fueled selfie scene at iconic locations, he turned to the more solitary world of macro photography.  His presentation will provide basic and advanced info that is useful in all aspects of macro photography, from 1:1 to 50:1.


Michael Collins -
Michael began photographing professionally in 1996 and built up a home-based studio in Lompoc, CA that focused on senior portraits, but more recently has branched out to food and families, and occasionally children and pets.  He started playing with Photoshop in the 90's, and for the last three years has hosted Photoshop Party, a free weekly online Photoshop class.  He has served on the Professional Photographers of California Board of Directors, including a term as president, and has collected many image awards from PPA.


Isabelle (Izzy) Edwards -
Izzy is a 21 year old nature photographer based in Longbranch/Alki, Washington. Izzy has been passionate about wildlife her whole life and is especially drawn to owls. She has devoted the past six years to locating, observing and photo-documenting owls and has become an accomplished owl photographer. Izzy teaches about the life history of owls at schools and organizations throughout the country and she is currently pursuing a college degree in wildlife conservation.

Patrick Stoll -
Patrick has over 40 years of experience behind a camera, degrees in environmental science and education, and certification as a master naturalist.  He has developed and presented digital photography classes for Boise State University’s Upward Bound Program, the Boise School District’s Adult Community Education program, and many others.  Smartphones are changing everything, photography included, and Patrick will discuss how best to take advantage of the capabilities of this new tool.

Field Trips


L&L Wrecks and Rust -

The field trip destination is L&L Classic Auto, a gigantic wrecking yard in Wendell (requires 95 minute travel time each way). Bulk of the 5000+ cars there are 40's - 70's American models. This is the granddaddy of wrecking yard photo ops!  The field trip will be led by Neale Jenks, but, with thousands of cars to choose from, this is the sort of location where everyone will likely find their own way.  (This field trip is included in the base registration.)



The Art of the Automobile

Boise professional photographer Bart Cepek has dabbled in many genres but found his niche specializing in automotive photography.  He recently finished building his studio, which features one of Idaho's largest cycloramas (edgeless walls) and a massive overhead lightbank.  He is opening his studio for this field trip, creating a rare opportunity to shoot automotive images under conditions you won't find anywhere else.



Finding the Art in Architecture

This field trip in downtown Boise will be led by photographic omnivore Ruthann Greene, and the goal is to use architecture as a means of expanding our ability to “see” and learn more about compositional elements.  This field trip will help you create better composed photos no matter what style photos you shoot.  (This field trip is included in the base registration.)



When the Lights Go Down in the City

Interested in shooting city lights and scenes in the blue hour? This is a specialty for field trip leader Peter Realli.  This expedition will focus on capturing the lights and architecture of downtown Boise at just the right time, and will feature instruction on the key techniques.
  (This field trip is included in the base registration.)


Find the Unexpected

It took years for field trip leader Jeff Manser to build the confidence required for successful street photography.  If you love street photography or want to see how it is done, join use for this evening field trip walking the streets and alleys in the downtown core in search of interesting subjects.  Fortunately there are typically abundant opportunities on weekend nights: not just people but architecture,
 panning shots, and whatever else turns up. (This field trip is included in the base registration.)

Nature Walk
This field trip is an early morning expedition around Kathryn Albertson Park near
the Riverside with local birder and naturalist Ceredig Roberts. The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and the occasional mammal.  (
This field trip is included in the base registration.)


Raptor Fly Over

The World Center for Birds of Prey is 20 minutes from the Convention Hotel.  Seasoned nature photographer and long-time BCC member Jim Shane will lead a trip to attend their Saturday Raptor Fly Over program.  Program lasts 45 minutes.
NOTE: The deadline for registering for this program is August 1st. Whether we will be able to get tickets after that is not yet clear, so please register before then if you're interested in this field trip.


The Old Pen: Is it Really Haunted?

This field trip offers special, after-hours access to the fascinating, spooky, and photogenic Old Idaho Penitentiary!  You'll usually find field trip leader Frank Sorger shooting action and wildlife, but this expedition offers entirely different opportunities.  Join us for a night of photographic fun and challenges as we explore the history and mysteries within the walls of the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. Bring your camera, your curiosity, and your imagination.  This is a great place for light painting!

Additional Photographic Opportunities

Table-top Workshop Area

One of the convention meeting rooms will have the year's callback prints on display, and will also be set up for table-top shooting.  The list of available materials is still in development, but will likely include birefringence, oil & water, glassware, and a few others.  Stay tuned for more info.

Guide to Photo Locations around Boise

The Boise area is rich in photo opportunities.  If you want to plan activities before or after the conference, you'll find an extensive spreadsheet with activity info here.  You can also find the guide by going to the folder at Documents -> Convention documents -> 2024 Conventions.