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Summer Quarterly EID 2013 Scores

Published on 9/5/2013
 Summer 2013 Results

Quarterly EID


Creative Category

Award of Merit


Jim Shane                  Champagne Cruise                 Boise Camera Club                                        24

John Craig                 Iguana                                     Film Pack Camera Club                                 24

Allison Bishop          Colorball                                 Monticello Camera Club                                 23

Doug Fischer             Calo                                         Film Pack Camera Club                                 23

Jan Eklof                    In the Mist                               Film Pack Camera Club                                 23

Michael Anderson    Wagon At Farwell Bend          Yaquina Art Assoc Photographers                 23

Max Burke                 Aspen Abstract                      Boise Camera Club                                        22


Honorable Mention


Don Funderburg       Loveable Old Man                  Film Pack Camera Club                                 22

Karen Lowery            Ocean Cube                           Boise Camera Club                                        22

HowardHunt              Pink Lady                                Southern Oregon Photographic Assoc           22


Traditional Category

Award of Merit


Jim Shane                  Coming To Grips                    Boise Camera Club                                        25

John Craig                 Yellow Columbine                   Film Pack Camera Club                                 25

Su Zhou                     Ships Of The Desert               King City Camera Club                                   25

Dan Mitchell              Bringing Home Dinner            King City Camera Club                                   24

Kelly Frazier              Freckled Rose                        Boise Camera Club                                        24

Suzy Cossman          When the light is right             Tri-City Digital Photo Club                              24

Ted Crego                  Herding Sheep                        Yaquina Art Assoc Photographers                 24

Doug Fischer             Lady Washington                    Film Pack Camera Club                                 24

Mai Ding                     Milky Way                               Monticello Camera Club                                 24

Jean Noren                Baby Blue                               Forest Grove Camera Club                            23

Max Burke                 Corral-Idaho                            Boise Camera Club                                        23

Richard Tisdale         Misty Morning                         Tri-City Digital Photo Club                              23

Ed Wilent                   Iris                                           Siuslaw View Finders                                      23

Gene Davis                A Pair of Hummers                 Forest Grove Camera Club                            23


Honorable Mention


Gary Ungefug            1920 Style                               Valley Viewfinders Camera Club                   22

Roxanne Overton     A Little Night Music                 Boise Camera Club                                        22

Roxanne Overton     Hard-Day's-Night                    Boise Camera Club                                        22