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October 2014 Monochrome Print Results

Published on 1/14/2015
Title Maker Club Total Awards Division Class
Starburst Richard Stanton IPAG 24 AM MONOCHROME LARGE
Baseball Buddies Lawrence Payne IPAG 24 AM MONOCHROME LARGE
Mission San Carlos Elise Ciraolo OCPA 23 AM MONOCHROME LARGE
The Troops Virginia Paul MCC 23 HM MONOCHROME LARGE
Fuzzy Ducklings Candi Mitchell KCC 21 HM MONOCHROME LARGE
Stuck Like Glue Lucy Bumgarner MCC 21 HM MONOCHROME LARGE
Racoon on the Hunt Candi Mitchell KCCC 24 AM MONOCHROME 96 SQ
Les Sylphides Juni Roberts MCC 23 AM MONOCHROME 96 SQ
Fishing for Crab Bev Shearer FPCC 22 HM MONOCHROME 96 SQ
Quinault Dick Chambers OCPA 22 HM MONOCHROME 96 SQ
Lone Sentinel Art Larsen GPC 21 HM MONOCHROME 96 SQ